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NOTICE TO ALL GYM/SCHOOL OWNERS/INSTRUCTORS: We are very happy to offer the facilities and services listed here to any instructor looking to put together a camp of their own. We would love to help you put together the best training camp possible for your students/fighters. Please send us a message via our contact us page for any enquiries and questions.

This unique package is a superb training experience for any student of Martial Arts. In our small but professional venue you will experience an amazing week of focused and scheduled mixed martial arts fitness training. Led by experienced instructors, participants will be made welcome from the moment they arrive, and will embark on an intense, week long journey to physical and mental mastery and martial discipline.

The week will be set up as a preparation camp would be, prior to a competition or fight, focusing on basic skill mastery and conditioning. Every day will involve a disciplined regime of progressive training, both fitness, technique, and of course environmental cross training; making maximum use of the stunning mountain environment to create unique physical and mental challenges. Dietary requirements are met and all meals are provided (for a sample menu plan, please click on the link here).


The gym environment will be used every day, utilising all the space for sparring and specific training, but also making use of equipment such as battle ropes, tyres, heavy bags, weights, sandbags, thai pads, rowing machines and more. Post training, participants will be able to use the sauna and cold shower facilities to purge lactic acid from their muscles, and emerge revitalised and refreshed, ready for the next day of training. Participants will also have the chance to take part in other physical activities to supplement the main training such as mountain biking and white water rafting.

In addition to the excellent martial and physical training involved, numerous seminars will take place over the course of the week, covering topics useful for the aspiring athlete such as goal setting and personal psychological performance. These skills are vital to achieving mastery in any area of life and provide a positive backdrop and backbone to the week long programme.

Throughout the week there will be plenty of opportunity to relax and socialise also, with a spa day trip to a local aqua park serving as a great break in the schedule. To culminate the week, we climax with a guided ascent of one of the highest peaks in the Tatras; Rysy. This will act as the major achievement marker for the week; after an excellent week of development and training, participants will feel a total sense of achievement as they conquer a mountain a third the height of Mt Everest.

The program is open to students of all abilities and styles but a reasonable level of fitness is required to get the most from the program, although anyone who's fitness leaves something to be desired will definitely benefit from the training and be fully supported. Styles focused on are Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, Sambo and submission wrestling, with emphasis on conditioning, basic technique drilling, pressure testing and controlled sparring.

The package is inclusive of:

  • 7 nights accommodation

  • All food and specified suppliments

  • Lunch upon arrival

  • Airport pick up and drop off, and travel to and from activities

  • All hosted seminars and activities

  • Training

The package is not inclusive of:

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance, please note we cannot accommodate people without travel insurance


Day 1:

  • 12pm arrival and introduction

  • 1pm lunch

  • 2-4pm Own time to relax, walk around the area, use sauna

  • 4- 6pm Briefing and first light training session (light pads and mobility)

  • Evening meal

Day 2:

  • 6:30- 7:30am Morning 5km run

  • 8-9am Breakfast

  • 10- 12pm Martial arts training

  • 1-4pm Lunch and own time

  • 4-6pm Afternoon training

  • 7-8:30pm Evening meal

  • 9-10pm Evening seminar

Day 3:

  • 6:30- 7:30am Martial arts training

  • 8- 9am Breakfast

  • 9:30- 3pm Mountain biking

  • 4- 5pm Sauna and own time

  • 5- 6pm Martial arts training

  • 7- 8:30pm Evening meal

Day 4:

  • 6:30- 7:30am Morning 5km run

  • 8-9am Breakfast

  • 10-12pm Martial arts training/bootcamp/guest instructor seminar

  • 1-2pm Lunch

  • 2-4pm Sauna and own time

  • 4-6pm Afternoon training

  • 7-8:30pm Evening meal

  • 9-10pm Evening seminar

Day 5:

  • 8-9am Breakfast

  • 10-4pm Trip to Aqua City Poprad for relaxing day out

  • 4-7pm Sauna and own time

  • 7-8:30pm Evening meal

Day 6:

  • 6:30- 7:30 Morning 5km run

  • 8- 9am Breakfast

  • 10- 4pm White water rafting

  • 4-5pm Sauna and own time

  • 5-6pm Martial arts training

  • 7- 8:30pm Evening meal

  • 9- 10pm Evening seminar (goal setting)

Day 7:

  • 7- 8am Breakfast

  • 9- 6pm Mountain ascent of Rysy

  • 7- 8pm Martial arts training (light technical recap of techniques learnt in the week)

  • 8-12am Debriefing, evening meal and bar

Day 8:

  • 7- 8am Breakfast

  • 8- 9am Own time

  • 9am Departure


Sustainable tourism is a key element to us. We are a family run business with the capacity of 16 beds, there is a possibility of an extra bed in the room for children. Where need of outsourcing (mountain guides, transport, housekeeping) locals will be considered and employed. We have picked a range of mountain guides we are happy to work with based on the lengths of their experience in the area and the ability to speak the English language.

Passport and Visas

  • Full passport must be valid beyond the intended length of stay

  • Slovakia and Poland does not require visa for British passport holders


Vaccinations and Health

  • There is no specific health risk and no special vaccination is required

  • European Health Insurance card is recommended (EHIC), easy to obtain online, free of charge

  • Mosquito spray and after bite gel is recommended in summer months



  • Standard European adapter


Equipment and clothing

  • Training clothes and personal martial arts equipment (gum shield, gloves, gi etc)

  • Rucksack for day trips with 2 litres of water carrying capacity

  • Walking boots

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers

  • Thin layers, so you can put extra on in case you are cold

  • Sunglasses and sun cream


Local currency

  • National currency of Slovakia is Euro

  • Please note smaller restaurants and establishments might not accept card transactions

  • Travellers cheques are not recommended